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  • The Women Of The Village Do Not Go Without A Veil In Front Of Son in law Ravana, Do Worship On The Day Of Dussehra, Tie Laces On Ravana’s Feet To Avoid Diseases.

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The women of the village do not go without a veil in front of son-in-law Ravana, do worship on the day of Dussehra, tie laces on Ravana’s feet to avoid diseases.  |  Women do not go in front of the statue of Ravana without a veil, worship is done on Dussehra;  tying thread in feet

The tradition of burning Ravana on Dussehra is played at many places across the country. There are also some cities in these, where the effigy of Ravana is either burnt the next day or instead of burning it is killed. Two such cities are also in Madhya Pradesh. Where Ravana is worshipped. This is Ravangram near Mandsaur. There are many beliefs about Ravana’s slaughter or combustion here. Read these tradition and belief…

It is said about Mandsaur that in ancient times its name was Mandotari. It is believed that Ravana’s wife Mandodari was from Mandsaur. In this sense, Mandsaur is the in-laws of Ravana. In Mandsaur, the women of Namdev society still wear a veil in front of the statue of Ravana. Lachha (thread) is tied at the feet of Ravana. It is believed that tying a thread cures diseases. Here Ravana is worshiped on the day of Dussehra. Every year on Dussehra the worship of Ravana is organized by the Namdev Samaj of Mandsaur.

The idol of Ravana has been painted for Dussehra.

The idol of Ravana has been painted for Dussehra.

200 year old statue of a donkey
According to the people of Namdev society, there was a statue of Ravana more than 200 years old in Khanpura. Around 2006-07, the statue was broken due to a lightning strike. After that the municipality got the second statue of Ravana installed. Every year the municipality maintains the statue. The statue of Ravana has 4 heads on both sides and one main head. Above the main head is a donkey’s head. According to the elders, the intellect of Ravana had become corrupt, to show this demerit, a donkey’s head has also been placed on the statue.

Worship is done in the morning, slaughter is done in the evening
Namdev Samaj comes to the statue of Ravana in a procession with drums and drums. Here the son-in-law Ravana is worshiped and prayed for happiness and prosperity. After this, society Ravana is killed in the evening. The belief behind this is that if there is good, it is worshiped and if there is evil, then it is killed.

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