Value of transferable development rights is ₹3095.5 cr.

The GHMC has created a record of sorts by issuing transferable development rights (TDRs) worth ₹3095.5 crore in total, in lieu of compensation for the properties acquired for various developmental works in the city.

The Town Planning wing of GHMC was appreciated by the Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development K.T.Rama Rao for this achievement, during a recent review meeting.

Of the total, 504 TDRs worth ₹1,128 crore have been issued for road widening projects, 115 TDRs worth ₹263 crore for SRDP, 83 worth ₹1,124 crore for development of link roads, 65 TDRs worth ₹539 crore for removal of encroachments in water bodies, and 40 TDRs worth ₹41 crore for nala widening project.

The policy of issuing TDRs in lieu of compensation was initiated in 2006 as part of the Revised Common Building Rules.

Transferable Development Rights are issued as a percentage of the area of the property forgone for civic infrastructure. These rights may be used, sold or transferred for construction of additional floors over and above permissible limits at the same location or elsewhere.

Initially, the amount of TDRs issued were 100% of the area for Master Plan road widening, 50% for protection of lakes, water bodies and heritage buildings.

In 2012, the extent was increased to 200% for Master Plan road widening, 100% for lakes/water bodies, and heritage buildings.

After introduction of the new Land Acquisition Act which had doubled the compensation payable in instances of property acquisition for public utilities, the GHMC was left struggling with the compensation component in relation to all its developmental projects. In order to encourage more people to opt for TDRs instead of compensation, the Telangana government has enhanced the extent of TDRs once again in 2017.

Accordingly, the TDRs issued have been increased to 400% of the extent forgone in case of Master Plan road widening, 200% for lakes/water bodies and 100% for heritage buildings.

Additionally, an online TDR bank has been established by GHMC to simplify issue and transactions in the transfer of rights, and an amendment was made for utilisation of TDR certificates beyond GHMC within the limits of Outer Ring Road.

Since then, GHMC has been successful in promoting TDRs in lieu of compensation for several of its projects including Strategic Road Development Plan, road widening, development of link roads, development of lakes, nalas, water bodies and others.

Issue of TDRs in a total 807 instances of property acquisition has saved the civic body a total of ₹1,500 crore cash compensation, a statement from GHMC informed.

The Niti Ayog under the Union Ministry of Planning has recognised the online TDR Bank application as one of the best practices in the whole country for property acquisition for developmental works, and suggested it to other States, the statement said.

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