Mr. Cuomo, a third-term Democrat, has touted his own response to the coronavirus crisis, though statistics continue to bear troubling news: On Monday, more than 8,200 residents in the state were hospitalized with the coronavirus, levels not seen since early May, as deaths have topped 100 a day for several weeks. On Monday, the governor reported 170 deaths, the highest daily count since the dark days of the spring.

Over the past week, the state has seen more than 10,000 new cases per day, as the statewide rate of positive test results has also jumped alarmingly, even before an expected increase tied to holiday travel and gatherings. New York continues to be the hardest hit state in the nation, with more than 38,000 deaths.

Nursing homes in the state have been particularly hard hit — thousands of New Yorkers have died there — and Mr. Cuomo said that the state was aiming to get 85 percent of residents vaccinated by the end of this week.

Nearly 900,000 vaccines have been distributed in the state, according to the latest available federal data, but the estimated 300,000 people Mr. Cuomo said had been vaccinated represent only about 1.5 percent of the state’s population of about 19.5 million people.

The governor has delegated much of the vaccine rollout to individual hospital systems across 10 regional hubs each encompassing several counties.

But an increasing number of county executives have said they want their local health departments to have the discretion to speed up the pace of distribution, and they criticized the lack of communication under the regional hub framework.

Chris Moss, the Republican county executive of Chemung County in the Southern Tier, said he had not received access to the list of people vaccinated or the locations where vaccines have been administered, information he said was necessary so the county doesn’t duplicate efforts when it opens its first county-run vaccination site later this week.

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