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  • Scientists claimed in the research of the University of Pittsburgh
  • By training 3 monkeys, they understood how much pressure they can withstand

Monkeys also come under pressure like humans. When it comes to winning prizes, monkeys put their life into their performance like humans. Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh in America did a research on monkeys. Research has revealed that monkeys feel suffocated when the pressure of performance increases. When it comes to winning prizes, the pressure increases.

Studied by training 3 monkeys

To understand how much stress monkeys deal with, scientists did research. Scientists trained 3 rhesus monkeys to deal with challenges. As a result, when the reward is increased as the reward is increased, the performance of the monkeys also increases.

Scientists say that when the jackpot, the biggest prize, was placed in front of the monkeys, 25 percent of the monkeys failed. This is because the monkeys are under more pressure to win the jackpot. According to research, the way humans come under pressure while performing in front of the audience, the same happens with monkeys.

such research
During the research, training was given to 3 monkeys. During the training they were explained how big the reward is. Along with this, they were trained to get small, medium, large jackpot rewards.

The reward size was gradually increased during training. The scientists found that as the reward increased, their performance also increased. But when it came to the biggest reward, they got more tense.

They came under so much pressure to get big rewards that the performance dropped by 10 to 25 percent on the contrary. The size of the jackpot reward was 10 times larger than the medium sized prize.

Monkeys monitor their behavior

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh say that humans and monkeys are somewhat similar in terms of behavior. This has also been proved in research. Evidence has also been found during research that monkeys keep an eye on their own behavior. They understand very well how happy they are and how nervous they are.

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