Mars Blue Color: The surface of Mars started turning blue? Know what is the secret of the new photo of the red planet – mars blue color ripple know why blue color seen in new nasa photo

Mars Blue Color: The surface of Mars started turning blue?  Know what is the secret of the new photo of the red planet – mars blue color ripple know why blue color seen in new nasa photo

Mars Blue Color: NASA has released a new photo of Mars, in which we see the surface of the Red Planet as blue. After seeing this picture, it is being asked whether any place on the surface of NASA is really blue in color. Let us know the correct answer for this.

mars blue sand (2)
New photo of Mars. (Credit-NASA)
Washington: Mars is the only planet in the Solar System that we know more by its color than by its name. We know Mars as the Red Planet, but NASA has now released a picture in which Mars is blue. So is the color of Mars blue? NASA’s Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured a very surprising picture. Scientists believe that this image will help in knowing more about the past weather patterns of Mars.

This picture is of the area inside the Gamboa crater north of the equator of Mars. Now on to the blue color. This blue color seen on Mars is fake and made through image processing. The true color of Mars is red. this little Image Looks like a huge area. One pixel itself has an area of ​​about 25 centimeters. This image shows various wind-related features on the Red Planet near the center of Gumbo Crater. The big mounds are also looking curved. There are small mounds above them too.
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Blue color for the understanding of geologists
There are small waves on top of the dunes which are several feet at the top. These coalesce into large mega-ripples about 30 feet apart that extend out from the dunes. But is the blue color added to make the photo beautiful? The answer is no. This picture is such for the geologists to understand easily. When a geoscientist sees this picture, he will easily understand. He will get to know what kind of earthen mounds these are. Apart from this, it will be helpful in understanding the surface of Mars better.
Sink Hole in Chile
NASA preparing to bring samples from Mars
Mars is the only planet in our solar system on which scientists believe life may have developed. NASA’s rover is taking samples on Mars in search of life. Now preparations have been completed to bring back these samples. On behalf of the US Space Agency, it has been said that the review of system requirements for the Mars Sample Return Program has been completed.

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