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  • Four Companies Will Run The Four Ordnance Factories Of Jabalpur, Labor Organizations Will Go On Hunger Strike In Protest

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GCF is one of the oldest Ordnance Factories in the country.  - Dainik Bhaskar

GCF is one of the oldest Ordnance Factories in the country.

The four ordnance companies of Jabalpur, which make weapons for the army, will now be run by four companies. Till now these companies were operated by the Ordnance Factory Board under the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense has decided to convert 41 Ordnance Factories of the country into a corporation by dividing them into seven parts. Due to this decision of the Ministry of Defense, there is anger among the employees’ organizations and they have decided to go on a systematic hunger strike.

Gun Carriage Factory and Ordnance Factory Khamaria were built in the four Ordnance Factories of Jabalpur during the British rule. Whereas GIF and VFJ were established here after the independence of the country. The four factories have played an important role in manufacturing from army vehicles to ammunition and cannon etc. Now they will be operated under the companies formed by the central government. There is resentment among the employees regarding this. The employees believe that after the formation of the company, the condition of the ordnance companies will deteriorate.

The GIF shows the body of the bomb, the body of the hand grenade and the casting of the aerial bomb.

The GIF shows the body of the bomb, the body of the hand grenade and the casting of the aerial bomb.

The four armament companies are very important for the army.

  • Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) is one of the oldest Ordnance Factories in the country. It was established in 1904. Cannon and army vehicles were produced in the factory. Right now the world’s largest cannon Dhanush cannon is being produced. LFG and mortars including Sharang cannon were also manufactured here. There are about 3500 officers-employees in the factory.
  • Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK) was established in 1942. Here bombs and missiles are prepared for the three armies. Many important projects go on here. Most of it is based on foreign technology. Now indigenous technology is being used for production. There are 6 thousand employees and officers here.
  • Gray Iron Foundry (GIF) is one of the smallest factories in the country. The casting work is done here. Parts useful in the weapons being prepared for the army are made here. The body of the hand grenade for the army, the body of the aerial bomb, the main weapon of the Air Force, is molded here. Earlier, the factory also used to work for the railways. There are about 700 employees-officers here.
  • Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) manufactures vehicles for Indian soldiers posted along the Pakistani border with Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan. In addition to ordinary vehicles, the factory produces bulletproof, mine proof vehicles on a large scale. Recently, the entire work of Sharang cannon along with military vehicles started in this factory. There are also about 3500 officers-employees here.
Military vehicles are prepared in VFJ.

Military vehicles are prepared in VFJ.

Employees organization will mobilize, will protest
As soon as the process of corporatization of the four ordnance companies started, there has been a boil in the employee organizations. Against the decision of the government, the three federations, AIDEF, INDWF and BPMS affiliated labor union, security workers union INTUC and workers union Khamaria, held a meeting on Thursday and decided the outline of the movement. It is alleged that this decision has been taken after canceling the meeting with the Chief Labor Commissioner on June 15 and without taking cognizance of the Federation. The employees have decided to go on a gradual hunger strike.

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