The Sheikh, the Businessman and a Hacking Mystery on 3 Continents

Though the judge questioned the credibility of that story, his ruling against Mr. Azima should have ended the case. But soon, a reporter with...

Pfizer Says Its Vaccine Is Highly Protective in Children 5 to 11

Researchers looked at immune responses, comparing them with levels in adults who had received the vaccine. Pfizer then deduced that the protection afforded by...

Biden Said the U.S. Would Protect Taiwan. But It’s Not That Clear-Cut.

WASHINGTON — American presidents have spent decades trying to sidestep the question of how forcefully the United States would come to the aid of...

Democrats Consider Billionaires Tax – The New York Times

Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah an another one of the chamber’s wealthiest, said the billionaires’ levy was a “very bad idea,” because it...

Supreme Court Again Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday once again refused to immediately block a Texas law that banned most abortions after six weeks. But...

TV Shows Filmed in L.A. Are Finally Starting to Look Familiar

If you’ve spent much time in Los Angeles, you’ve probably at some point been watching TV and realized, “Hey, I know that place!”On “The...

Alec Baldwin Fatally Shoots Crew Member With Prop Firearm on Film Set, Authorities Say

Alec Baldwin discharged a prop firearm on the set of a Western he was making in New Mexico on Thursday, killing the film’s director...

Biden Is Open to Scrapping Filibuster for Voting Rights Bill ‘and Maybe More’

WASHINGTON — President Biden said on Thursday that he was open to ending the Senate filibuster so Democrats could pass voting rights legislation, raise...

House Ethics Committee Details Accusations Against 4 Lawmakers

WASHINGTON — The House Committee on Ethics on Thursday released four reports into separate violations of ethics rules by four congressmen, portraying what investigators...

U.S. Warns Climate Poses ‘Emerging Threat’ to Financial System

WASHINGTON — Climate change is an “emerging threat” to the stability of the U.S. financial system, top federal regulators warned in a report on...