New York City’s former subway chief, Andy Byford, won’t be returning to New York City after all.

On Wednesday, he will be named Commissioner for Transport for London, the agency that runs that city’s transportation system, according to a transportation official in London.

Mr. Byford, one of the most revered transit leaders in recent memory, left the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in January, after clashing repeatedly with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

At the time, he said he would like to remain in New York, a city he had grown to love. Mr. Byford had already worked as a top transit official in London in the years before coming to New York.

He was credited with helping improve subway service in New York, including on-time performance, after Mr. Cuomo had declared a state of emergency.

“Andy Byford did wonders for New York and put us on a track that will serve us well for a generation,” said Danny Pearlstein, the policy and communications director for Riders Alliance. “London is very lucky to have him.”

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